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Echo Show 8 Reviewed

July 29, 2020

Originally I thought I was going to be able to take this Echo with a screen and watch YouTube, Apple+ Amazon Prime, and all the other video items I do on a Fire TV stick. While you can it's not as easy. 


The video on the Echo Show is more for video calls. They do make it easy for the Food channel (which is great if you have the unit in the kitchen). It also has what appears to be a Hulu app. If you want YouTube you have to open a browser (so again, not as easy as a Fire TV system). 


I do like it when I ask to see my calendar it puts it up on the screen. This is the same with my grocery list, flash briefing items, and more. I purchased this for the kitchen but it ended up in my bedroom. At first, I thought I was going to have to manually turn the brightness down, but it turns out if you turn the lights off in your room, the Echo Show can figure this out and it dims automatically, and makes the clock much bigger. 


There are other things you can have scroll on the screen. I have uploaded some photographs to my Amazon account and these can be rotated throughout the screen. If you had someone in a nursing home, you could set this up to share images on their screen (assuming you are controlling their account). 


I also was amazed at the sound quality of the speakers in the Echo Show 8. It has some bottom-end for such little speakers and it has some volume. All in all, I'm happy with it, and already thinking of getting another one. 


Originally I was going to get an Echo Spot, but for just a little more money the Echo Show is a much better deal I feel. 


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